Out of precaution & safety for all we continue to remain temporarily closed. Be safe!

Camacho's Place FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still open? Yes! We are open and continue to operate 5 days a week. We never closed at any point in time, with the exception of our annual summer vacations, which last just a few weeks each year. Our operating hours are Tuesday thru Saturday 12:30pm-8pm. We are closed Sundays & Mondays. When in doubt, give us a call!

Did you open another Camacho's? No. 796 West Wahl Road is the location of  the only Camacho's Place in existence. Which leads us to a similar question...

Are you affiliated with any other Mexican restaurants? We are not affiliated with any other restaurants, period.

Do you deliver or ship food? For many years we shipped food in the U.S. via overnight or same-day delivery but unfortunately no longer offer such options. Oftentimes the cost of shipping and handling outweighs the cost of the actual food.

...but I want Camacho's! Our best advice is to have a local family member or friend pick up your order for you and ship it to you overnight or same-day in an appropriate styrofoam shipping container with dry ice. If you are serious about taking this route, we advise that you call and ask that we pack your food for this purpose (it should go without saying that your food will arrive cold, not hot). We are not responsible for the handling of food once it leaves our establishment.

Do you have any vegan options? Yes, we do! Our Jennifer Enchilada is 100% vegan along with our salsa and guacamole. If you are vegan, inform Rosie and BYOC (Bring Your Own Chips)–we don't mind!

Do you sell Camacho's t-shirts or caps online? Currently we do not, but if you call and ask, we may be able to arrange for payment via check or money order and mail an order out to you.

Do you take credit cards? We do not accept cards. We do accept cash and personal checks. Please note that we do not have an ATM on the premises.

Can I have my birthday party / graduation party / anniversary party / meeting at Camacho's? Of course! Call and let us know your party size. Family style meals are an increasingly popular choice for large parties–call and ask how it works!

Is it true that I eat free on my birthday? You sure do! Come in on your actual birthday (if it falls on a Sunday or Monday feel free to come in the Saturday before or Tuesday after) and receive ONE free Short Order meal from our menu. (Official ID such as driver license, military ID, passport, birth certificate must be presented when ordering. Limit one free meal per birthday, drink not included.)

What are your most popular menu items? Our special quesadilla and carne asada burrito are highly recommended for first-time visitors (our chile rellenos are also best sellers). Additionally, our Sonora enchiladas and tacos are beloved and original Camacho's creations, with our delicious Sonora sauce dreamed up by Marie–accept no imitations!

Did we see you on TV? Yes and no. Donal Logue wore a Camacho's Place cap on his FX television show Terriers in 2010. We were filmed for a potential reality show pilot titled Road Eats for Discovery Channel that, as far as we know, never aired. Lastly, we are sometimes confused for Mount Signal Cafe in Calexico, which was featured on Huell Howser's California Gold show many years ago, which is not related to us. Did you see us elsewhere? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram! Which leads us to...

Can I follow you on social media? We're flattered! Find us on Facebook and Instagram.